A Bit About Me

Hey there loved up humans!

I am a wife, a mother and a charismatic celebrant. It’s full, but I am never at a loss for energy doing the things I love.

Little me to big me:
My young life was spent within the walls of hotels and resorts, with parents in the industry.  By my twenties, I had worked at many glamorous 5-star hotels within main cities, grasping what it was to deliver excellence in customer service within this luxury sector. Along the way I found myself not once, but twice working for Sir Richard Branson, managing his customer service team when it dawned on me, my passion wasn’t only customer service, it was people!

With a twist of fate, and a really awesome (as much as it was awkward), telephone job interview, I knew I had found ‘the one’. Yes, I had no idea at the time I was being interviewed by my future husband and of course he offered me the job haha!

Luke, a Hotel General Manager ironically, found conversation with people wherever he went. Haaaa! I had met my human! And you couldn’t shut either of us up!

We blissfully married not long after on my parent’s property in my hometown of Coffs Harbour, amidst 110mls of rain (an entirely muddy and hilariously funny story of its own) and later added our two little men.

These past ten years, we have stacked up an impressive resume of hotels and resorts from Melbourne to Adelaide to Darwin and beyond.

Settling here on the Sunshine Coast six years ago has been incredibly fulfilling. We are extremely happy, with no plans to exit….and why would we want to go anywhere? #paradise

Deciding to become a celebrant was a lightbulb moment for me. Being involved in many weddings as a host on Sir Richards Branson’s Makepeace Island on the Noosa river, had me watching the celebrants intently. I could do that with my luxury service experience, I thought. How FUN!

My previous career roles within Accor Hotels and Virgin Australia, offered me the perfect platform on where to practice and set my own business service standards, so I knew along with my excellent organisational and administration skills, I could certainly facilitate the role of a celebrant well.

I am relaxed, warm and calm in nature, making me very approachable. I hold with pride my combined attributes and know they can offer my couples a beautiful and memorable ceremony, with a stress-free planning process.

After the meeting and planning process, I write my couples ceremony whilst I play their chosen music, envisioning their day. When I write, it is from the heart. Raw emotion, humour or a beautiful blend of both is my specialty. I ensure my ceremonies reflect who my couples are, where they have been and where they are heading as two, perfectly.

I can also string a sentence or two together pretty well in front of a crowd without jittering up – meaning no matter what kind of nerves are felt on the day, I’ve got my couple’s backs, but certainly won’t take their spotlight!

I truly feel like this was my calling and feel bloody lucky it’s not only a fun role, but extremely rewarding. There is nothing better than wishing a newly married couple well and goodbye with big hugs, to hear their words of appreciation and how ‘perfect’ it all was…everything the imagined and more! Oh, the joys of the job! The goal was reached and exceeded!

Annnnnd no, I never go to bed early after I have officiated a wedding! The adrenalin (love buzz) stays with me for hours…days even, because by the end of the process, I have married friends not clients.

Sommer x